October 1, 2015

Millennials Seek Adventure in Life and Food

GB201405_226LRLiving Life to the Fullest

More than the generations before them, millennials seek experiences that allow them to live life to the fullest. Older generations could only read and dream about traveling outside the U.S. Today, thanks to the Internet, access to transportation and the globalization of our economies, international travel is more achievable than ever before. According to a study from the Boston Consulting Group, 75% of millennials want to travel abroad as much as possible, with 70% reporting that they want to visit every continent in their lifetime.

This quest for adventure extends to their food as the experience of new cultures contributes to evolving consumer palates. Millennials seek out heightened eating experiences with intense flavors and extreme textures. And almost half of them believe it is important for a grocery store to offer interesting or exotic foods.

To win with the millennial segment in both grocery and foodservice, it’s important to understand the key features they are seeking when expanding their palates.

  • 51% enjoy trying ethnic cuisines
  • 42% seek bold flavors and complex textures
  • 50% are likely to buy ethnically spiced meat

Moving beyond a simple palate experience, consumers are looking for interesting and different textures. In fact, texture is so critical that 24% of consumers reported texture is often even more important than taste. And nearly twice as many consumers want tender and juicy meat textures compared to lean or simple textures.

As consumers continue to seek out new experiences, cultures and flavors, grocers and foodservice providers have to evolve to deliver solutions that provide unique and interesting textures to align with emerging palates.


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