January 12, 2016

Uniting Over Red Meat

Whether two or twenty, people unite over meals. Preparation for these gatherings often includes a trip to the meat counter. A recent study revealed consumers make more than 34% of fresh meat purchases intending to connect or share with others.

Family Dinner

“By considering the motivation behind consumers’ purchasing decisions, grocers can adjust messaging, merchandising and recipe strategies for business solutions and innovations,” says Brian Bell, Cargill Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

To better understand consumer attitudes and behaviors, Cargill initiated a proprietary study1 of more than 8,000 fresh meat consumers. This research found seven circumstances that drive purchases – one of which Cargill characterizes as ‘connecting with others.’ This consumer motivation relates to three distinct occasions:


“Smells, tastes and recipes from days gone by evoke memories of childhood,”

Bell explains. “Looking to satisfy a craving and create happiness with others, consumers select red meat for a well-prepared meal.”


Although some gatherings are regular occurrences, consumers still want to make a great impression when sharing a meal with others. “By putting creativity and thought into meal preparation, people hope to impress others while showing that they care,” Bell says.


From welcoming the weekend gatherings, celebrations of all sizes drive consumers to choose red meat, fire up the grill, and invite guests. They want to reward themselves while having a good time with others, Bell shares.

Although all consumers connect with others, some behaviors vary, Bell explains. Older confident cooks, choose more expensive cuts, seeking higher quality, taste, flavor and marbling. Sharing with others and nostalgia are common motivation for their red meat purchases, he notes.

Generation X and Millennials spend more on food, while entertaining and cooking on the weekends. Connecting with others, particularly for special occasions, is the most popular reason for their red meat purchase, Bell says.

For more information about consumer motivation, contact a Cargill sales representative.