February 8, 2016

Today’s Kitchen™: Making Life Easier and Meals More Interesting

Grilled meat fillet steak wrapped in bacon medallions

When it comes to the need for convenience and a desire for creative, interesting flavors, today’s foodies often find themselves caught somewhere in the middle. According to a recent proprietary study of more than 8,000 fresh meat consumers,* nearly 70% of foodies actively seek out new recipes and believe that cooking allows them to show their creativity. While this helps build their foodie reputation, busy lifestyles can cause behaviors to seem very “un-foodie.” Half of foodies studied agree that cooking is hard work and that their schedules allow only limited time for cooking meals. Even more surprising, 47% report having only a few meals they know how to prepare.

“Because we know foodies spend more proportionally on fresh red meat than any other consumer segment, it is important Cargill understands this group and provides solutions tailored to their lifestyle,” says Brian Bell, Cargill Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our goal coming out of the fresh meat consumer study was to translate a better understanding of consumer insights into solutions that produce results for our partners,” says Bell. “For foodies wanting flavor but lacking in experience and prep time, we’ve created Today’s Kitchen™.”

The Today’s Kitchen brand is made up of seasoned, pre-portioned and ready-to-cook fresh meats. The Cargill culinary team incorporated on-trend flavors to answer the 64% of foodie consumers who report wanting fresh meat seasoned with international sauces and the 67% who indicate they would buy seasoned meat tailored for specific dishes.

Bell notes that standards are never compromised. Offerings in the Today’s Kitchen line are made of high-quality products and are never frozen.

“These foodies enjoy eating red meat. However, they are less familiar with selecting and preparing it, which means they are more likely to default to brands. The Today’s Kitchen brand simplifies prep work and red meat knowledge so consumers get the experience they desire,” explains Bell.

For more information on consumer motivation and Today’s Kitchen, contact a local Cargill sales representative.



*Cargill Proprietary Red Meat Consumer Study 2015