July 18, 2016

No Prep Needed

July_Cubed:SlicedIn American culture, convenience continues to be a driver when it comes to meal planning and food purchasing decisions. According to Cargill proprietary research, 73% of fresh red meat consumers described their last red meat experience as quick and easy to prepare.

“Consumers are continuing to demand options that answer their convenience-seeking lifestyles,” said Scott Vinson, Cargill Beef Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’re helping our grocery partners evolve their strategies to provide grab and go and value added options that answer this demand.”

For many consumers, shortcuts that help cut down prep time in the kitchen are appreciated, specifically when it comes to format. 54% of consumers studied said they would purchase fresh meat that is pre-cut for faster cooking, while 50% said they would purchase pre-shredded or pre-cubed fresh meat for this purpose.

Other consumers are looking to add flavor and cut down on marinade time. According to the research, 50% of consumers would purchase fresh meat pre-seasoned with ethnic sauces.

Vinson says Cargill is partnering with their customers to achieve the right assortment of value added meats. “We look at each customer’s current case set and target consumer to find the right mix of value added meats and point of sale communication to capitalize on these convenience-driven behaviors,” says Vinson. “And we continue to monitor consumer behavior to respond to flavor trends.”

For more information on fresh red meat consumer purchasing insights or value added offerings, contact your local Cargill representative.