August 23, 2016

Millennial Dads Shopping More

Retailers may be noticing more dads shopping their stores. As Millennials continue to have children, young dads are taking a more active role in the family responsibilities by helping with meal preparation and grocery shopping.

According to Ibotta, a mobile shopping app for consumers, Millennial dads have increased their grocery purchases by 62% in the past three years. And younger fathers, age 18 to 24, are purchasing 25% more groceries than dads in older generations.

Traditionally, dads have been known to do a fill-in trip from time-to-time, however, Millennial dads are helping with more of the menu planning, weekly grocery trips and meal prep. Trips to grocery store per month are up nearly 5% for these men since 2013, while their overall shopping is up more than 10%.

While women overall still do the majority of shopping over men, the share of groceries purchased by Millennial moms decreased by 2.4% over the three time period studied by Ibotta.


Source: Ibotta, June 2016