December 21, 2016

Asian-Inspired Ideas to Elevate LTO Burger Offerings

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 3.19.43 PMWith Millennials coming of age and technology offering instant access to new information, cultures and experiences, it’s no surprise that authentic ethnic ingredients are in hot demand on menus. In fact, the global-flavors phenomenon was #1 on Technomic’s list of top food trends for 2016. Check out these clever Asian-inspired burger ideas to heat up your LTO menu offerings.

Incorporate Tastes of Korea

  • Heat up the ketchup– Mix a little gochujang, a chili soybean paste, into your traditional ketchup for a spicy burger spread.
  • Whip up an addicting dip Thin out some gochujang and purée with softened golden raisins for a dip that’s great with burgers and fries.
  • Try on a kalbi marinade Soy sauce, sesame, garlic and sugar produces a succulent flavor profile perfect for a BBQ sauce or glaze.

Jet-set with Indonesian Flavor

  • Spoon on a sambal cream– Sour cream mellows this intense Indonesian red chili paste for a deliciously smooth sauce, nicely complemented with grilled scallion.
  • Brush with sweetness– Brush your burger with ketjap, Jakarta’s sweeter, more delicious version of soy sauce, right before pulling it from the grill.

Pack a Thai Punch with Sriracha

  • Create a mild mayo– Mix cool mayo, hot sriracha, tangy lime and salty soy sauce to craft a mouthwatering custom condiment.
  • Glaze on some sweet spice– Calm the heat of sriracha with a burst of honey for a delectable glaze.


For more burger ideas, visit to get inspired or contact your local Cargill representative.

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