April 25, 2017

Capitalizing on Grilling Season

Grilling SeasonThere’s no question that summer grilling is a favorite pastime. From special occasions to a break from the ordinary to everyday, grilling is a fresh meat cooking method that goes across consumer need states. Nearly 75-percent of US adults own a grill or smoker1 and one-third of fresh meat consumers said they were driven to eat meat because they felt like grilling2.

Cargill Protein continues to invest in and mine consumer insights to deliver solutions across proteins that help retailers capitalize on the grilling season.

“When it comes to grilling, 43-percent of consumers research new grilling techniques or recipes1 and turkey cutlets are a great way to add variety to the grilling routine,” said Deborah Socha, Brand Manager for Cargill Protein. “Turkey is tender and juicy, perfect for pairing with seasonal vegetables, and receptive to every marinade, seasoning and sauce – perfect for grilling season.”

These insights led Honeysuckle White® and Shady Brook Farms® brands to introduce SummerTime Citrus Marinated Turkey Cutlets, in addition to their current turkey breast cutlet and chop offerings. Each cutlet is evenly trimmed for a consistent cook time, making it ideal for the grill. The brands are also introducing Lightly Seasoned Turkey Sliders to their seasonal offering, in addition to turkey products – like Turkey Cutlets and Turkey Sausage Links – that are already a great fit for grilling. In addition, all Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms products are raised by independent family farmers with no growth-promoting antibiotics and no added hormones or steroids.

For consumers who crave red meat, Cargill’s Today’s Kitchen™ line of fresh mix-in patties offers a quick and easy, low risk option for grilling. More than half of fresh meat consumers surveyed expressed a desire for ground beef patties pre-mixed with their favorite ingredients,2 and their explosive growth is expected to continue into the grilling season.


For more information on these products, along with how you can capitalize on grilling season, contact your local Cargill representative.


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