April 25, 2017

2017 National Provisioner Burger Report Released

Burger ReportBurgers are a staple on American menus. From upscale restaurants to the low-key barbecue at home, burgers may take on different forms, but continue to have a consistent presence.

“Ninety-nine percent of Americans say they love or like burgers, and 57-percent eat a burger at least once per week,” said Sarah Frick, Brand Manager for Cargill Protein.

As burger consumption shows no sign of slowing down, Cargill continues to invest in proprietary research to inform burger solutions that help feed this demand. “From quality markers to on-trend flavors to food with a story claims, we’re committed to delivering burger products that capitalize on consumer need,” said Frick.

Cargill’s consumer insights on burgers were a key resource in this year’s National Provisioner Burger Report. According to Frick, Cargill’s research on burgers point to the importance of quality markers, story claims and convenience.

“Quality is an expectation,” said Frick. “Consumers are also wanting to know where their food was raised, how it was raised and what it was fed, and burgers are no exception.”

Convenience is another a key driver in consumer purchase decisions at the meat case. Millennial and Generation X shoppers are looking for new and different flavor profiles, often inspired by trendy restaurants or international dishes, however they aren’t as willing to work for it. This insight led Cargill to develop innovative, value-added offerings, like mix-in patties, which research has shown consumers are willing to pay more for.

“We’re putting these insights to work to create greater opportunity for retailers and foodservice operators to earn higher margins with burgers and other ground beef products,” said Frick.

To learn more, visit http://www.provisioneronline.com/articles/104520-burger-report-a-classic-with-a-twist or contact your local Cargill representative.