May 23, 2017

Sustainable Approaches to Protein Production

Beef Cattle Grazing, Hereford HeifersAs global demand for food resources and consumer demand for food produced in responsible, sustainable ways continues to grow, Cargill Protein is committed to learn and evolve as the industry changes.

Cargill continues to advance new technologies and approaches to sustainability across the protein supply chain, including:

  • The Pasture Crafted Beef brand offering fully traceable beef from pasture to plate from a closed network of 13 ranches.
  • A successfully completed pilot for a sustainable beef program in Canada in partnership with McDonald’s in which nearly 9,000 head of cattle were tracked from birth to beef through a fully verified supply chain.
  • Collaboration with ranchers, researchers, universities and partners to identify production practices and viable alternatives to further reduce the use of medicine for food production. Today, Cargill has limited antibiotic use in turkeys and cattle, removing all growth-promoting antibiotics from turkeys raised by independent farmers and eliminating 20-percent of shared-class antibiotics from about 1.2 million beef cattle.
  • Working as a founding member of the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply to understand the impact of hen housing systems on animal welfare, the environment, work health, food safety and food affordability.

To learn more about Cargill’s efforts to create a more sustainable, food secure future, contact your local Cargill Protein representative.