June 22, 2017

Optimizing the Case For Your Shopper

Optimizing CaseEvery shopper is unique. They have different needs and desires when it comes to the foods they purchase. There is no category in the store where this is more apparent than fresh meat.

Cargill invested in a proprietary research study of over 5,000 consumers to understand what shoppers wanted in fresh meat. “We found that consumers feel 20-30% of the fresh meat case doesn’t meet their needs,” said Sarah Frick Cargill Value Added Brand Manager. “This translates to dollars walking out the door. We want to change that by partnering with our retail customers to keep those dollars in store.”

As a part of that study, Cargill identified key drivers that shoppers are looking for in the meat selection of their preferred retailer. It may be health or social conscious related, as shoppers in Colorado are looking for meat that contains high Omega-3 content while shoppers in Illinois are looking for their meat to be raised in an eco-friendly way. It may be related to convenient products where shoppers in North Carolina are looking for fresh meal kits to make dinner prep easy or in Northern California where shoppers are looking for easy to prepare bite sized fresh meat for quick snacks. Shoppers are also looking for unique attributes in taste, cuts of meat and nutrition.

At Cargill we are partnering with our customers to develop the optimum fresh meat selection for their shoppers. We are combining our proprietary research with retail sales data to deliver the right meat assortment to drive maximum sales and margin.

To learn more about the results of this study and how Cargill is helping customers align their product assortment to meet consumer needs, contact your local Cargill Protein representative.